Walking Dot Photography Giveaway!

I don’t normally post on Saturdays, because its my weekend and I like my weekends. I do a lot of blog work on the weekends, but usually stick to just that. BUT I’m making a super exception! I’ve teamed up with Giedre of Walking Dot Photography  to get the word out about her SUPER AWESOME giveaway!!!

One of the goals I’ve talked about frequently on the blog (for the blog) is me improving my photography and incorporating some outfit posts! I’ve been working on my own phtoography (especially with food!) and hopefully will be getting a sweet camera for Christmas that will help. And Giedre is going to help me with an outfit post! Which will hopefully get me over my fear of doing it for myself. Its really quite funny to me that I have such an issue with taking photos of myself, considering I modeled for many years…but anywho!!

Giedre is a great photographer. Her photos are vibrant, and fun! She has a really great for light and color! She specializes in Family, Maternity, Senior and Engagement photos and does an really amazing job at capturing the joy and love in all her photos! If me and my boyfriend were going to do the whole she-bang in Chicago I’d definitely want to hire her! She’s awesome and super nice too!

So when I saw that she was running a giveaway for Chicagoland folks I was like SIGN ME UP! Even if I didn’t do some outfit photos, having some great headshots for promotional materials would be a fantastic addition to the blog!

But of course as much as I want to win…I want you to win too! So please head on over to Giedre’s blog and enter her giveaway if you’re in the Chicagoland area (Or maybe you’re in the midwest and are planning a little trip to Chicago??) Who wouldn’t love some beautiful photos of your family or of yourself!

Go HERE to enter!

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