Midnight Berry Martini

Even though I don’t really drink much anymore, I make special exceptions and I’ve been trying to incorporate alcohol back into my routine in moderation. Trying to eliminate myself from getting brutal hangovers and figuring out what I can tolerate. So far I know I can tolerate good red wine! Win win! But I figured with New Years Eve quickly approaching, (can you believe its already almost 2015!!!) a fun little cocktail would be in order! I used to love to create martinis with fruit juices and what not. This one really couldn’t get any simpler and is super tasty! Don’t mind my photos, I got a Canon Rebel T5 for Christmas and I’m still trying to figure it out…plus I got myself a really nice MacBook Pro for Christmas as well. Thank goodness for being financially responsible the last 6-8 months because it allowed me to get 0% interest financing for the laptop, something I never would have gotten a year ago.  So I’m still trying get the swing of things with the new camera and the new laptop. Plus I need to really work on my styling. Anyone got a good tutorial?

Midnight Berry Martini

Midnite Berry Martini starburst


1 oz Blueberry Vodka

1 oz Blueberry Juice

1 oz Sprite

Sugar for rim

Blueberries for garnish (I didn’t have any…whoops)


In a shaker, place 1-2 ice cubes, top with vodka and blueberry juice. Shake. Rim your martini glass with a lemon or lime and coat with sugar. Pour your vodka and juice in your glass and top with the Sprite. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT put your Sprite in the shaker…it’ll explode.

Enjoy! This recipe should give you just about a perfect pour. Its not a super strong martini. I’m not a fan of a cocktail tasting only of alcohol. But if you’d prefer something with a little more kick, just add more vodka.  Also note, a martini glass shouldn’t ever be filled to the very top! give yourself a little bit of space for spillage!

Midnite Berry Martini ingredients Midnite Berry Martini glass Midnite Berry Martini Blue Midnite Berry Martini sugar rim



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