January 2015 Cleaning Challenge! Out with the Old! In with the New!

Cleaning Challenge

Initially today’s post was going to be about cleaning your closet out. You know, out with the old, in with the new. This year I didn’t get any clothes for Christmas, mostly because I know that I’m just going to donate them this summer. So when I got home to write the post I realized there wasn’t much cleaning out to do. I typically go through my closet once a month to get rid of some clothes I don’t wear any longer and donate at least a bag of stuff each month. I always stand by the rule of One thing in, one thing out. If I buy two sweaters, two of something have to leave my closet. I’ve slacked a little, but I’ve eliminated so much out of my closet over the last 4-5 months I don’t even really need to make room. I actually have extra  hangers left over. Which NEVER happens.

But in my inspiration for cleaning out my closet I decided that I needed to do a little better. While I wouldn’t consider myself a complete slob nor a complete neat freak. I’m some where in between. It can get pretty messy around my apartment as dishes pile up, hair everywhere (I shed ok!?) and with two dogs its bound to be dirty pretty often. I’ve tried to get myself in the habit of being cleaner, knowing that in a year I’ll be living with another person. Its important for both our sanities that I get all domesticated…at least a little.

Since we’re leaving 2014 and heading straight into 2015, I decided to give myself a January Challenge. Which will hopefully turn itself into a habit and I’ll keep it up!

So I hereby dub January Cleaning Month!

I’m always on about saving money, budgeting and what not. But did you know that cleaning and keeping your space organized can also save you money??? Its true. This is one area of my life that I really haven’t kept up to help keep my expenses down. Last time I looked through my cleaning supplies, I had like 4-5 different bottles of spray cleaners all half empty. W.T.F!!! What a waste, those suckers are like $4-5 a bottle! I had two giant bottles of window cleaner…and I’ll be honest, I don’t clean my windows like ever.  So being clean and organized gives you the opportunity to know what you have to avoid buying multiples.

I was going to make a printable, but my developing schedule is pretty specific to me and my apartment. But if you REALLY love it, I’ll design something for ya! I broke it down in two ways:

Part One: Daily Tasks

Part Two: Weekly Cleaning.

My first week of cleaning is super heavy as its lots of organizing, sorting through things and catching up on all the stuff I haven’t been doing. Once I get through the first week it should be smooth sailing.

January 2015 Cleaning Challenge!

Daily Tasks:

  • Pick up Clutter
  • Make Bed
  • Wash Dishes
  • Quick Mop Floor
  • Clean out K-Cup
  • Change Piddle Pad
  • Take out Garbage (more of an every other day thing)

Week One: December 29-January 4

Monday, December 29

  • Organize Pots/Pans and Appliances in cabinet under the sink
  • Catch up on dishes

Tuesday, December 30

  • Organize and clean out Fridge, Freezer and Cupboards
  • Clean stovetop

Wednesday, December 31

  • Clean bathroom counter and floor
  • Organize makeup

Thursday, January 1 ~~ Happy New Year!

  • Deep clean floors
  • Organize Desk and Jewelry Supplies
  • Organize Bathroom Cabinet

Friday, January 2

  • Laundry
  • Organize clothes

Saturday, January 3

  • Sort Storage bins above kitchen cabinets and in closet.
  • Sort and re-organize tv stand drawers.

Sunday, January 4

  • Clean tub and toilet
  • Take all donations collected through week to charity shops


So that gets me pretty caught up in just one week. Spread out over the week it makes it a little more doable rather than spending my entire weekend cleaning. Rather than the following weeks sticking to a similar schedule I’ll do this:


  • Clean kitchen counters and stove


  • Clean bathroom floors and counters


  • Not a full deep clean of floors, but a healthy clean rather than a quick mop/swiffer.


  • Straighten closet, desk, coffee table and bookshelf


  • Clean windows and mirrors


  • Laundry.  I’ll be selecting a Saturday or two to wash my couch slipcover and my bedding.


  • Any left over dishes, straightening or tidying up in general.


As you can see after that first week I had a harder time just finding stuff to clean. I don’t have a big apartment, I live in a studio with no dishwasher, no laundry in unit and don’t have multiple rooms to clean. Most of my cleaning is tidying up and making sure the floors are clean. My dogs are pad trained and Bunni, since she’s blind, doesn’t always make it right on the pad. If I can keep it up, cleaning shouldn’t take me more than 20-30 minutes a day! I can rid myself of a lot of excess cleaning supplies and narrow down what I actually need!


Do you have some great techniques for keeping your space clean??




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