Winter Shopping List- The Budget Version

One of my main goals for 2015 is to cut back my shopping even more than I already have. I went from nearly $700 a month in shopping to around $300 a month. Which is awesome! I cut down more than half! But I still have a ways to go. I’d love to get that number down to $150, maybe at most $200.

So when I was thinking about January and what I need in my closet I couldn’t come up with much. I managed to fill my closet with boots for the season. Minus some snow boots but it has yet to snow. So I’m going to stick to my boots from last year and squeeze one more season out of them. I went sweater crazy this season and got TONS of sweaters that I just love (most from H&M and Forever 21) and I have quite a few pairs of leggings that I love too, also H&M and Forever 21.

Going into the deep depths of winter I don’t need much.  But I came up with a few things I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.

I really like the Pixie Ankle pants from Old Navy, I might pick up a pair of Red  ones but they also carry a long version in Tall but it only comes in Black and Khaki.  I always get a little bummed when I find a pair of pants I like only to find they have them in Talls but they only offer limited color selections…What tall people dont like red pants?!


You really can’t have enough pants. I also would love a new pair of leather leggings. I’ve had a hard time finding a good pair, but I know they’re out there.

The only other things that I know I’ve been on the hunt for as of late:

A black pair of close toed pumps/wedges. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for these. I have yet to find a pair that I really love. Pointed toes are hard because they make my bunions worse, super high heels destroy my ankles. I have to find the perfect toe box and the perfect height and something stylish. Super hard to do friends! These ones from Sole Society may do the trick though, plus I’m kinda loving the leopard! Plus who doesn’t love a sale!


A Nude pair of close toed pumps. Same as above. Although I do know I want a pair of nude strappy heels as well. There’s no way I’m going to wear those babies in the dead of winter. My nude pumps may just wait till spring…Although, I do like these from Sole Society. (and they’re on sale!) I’ve never purchased any shoes from Sole Society before, I know that they are sold through Nordstroms but haven’t had the opportunity to test out the quality and fit. As usual I’m hesitant to buy online because I’m not able to try on first. ENA_PORTOBELLO_215

A camel colored blazer. I still love this one from J.Crew Factory. But I still haven’t pulled the trigger. Its another one of those do I buy online…and then if I don’t like it I gotta go through the hassle of returning it. Pain. In. My. Ass. I don’t wear blazers that often, so dropping nearly $100 on one is kind of intimidating.  Anyone got another cheaper version???


A white blazer. I got this cute little black cropped jacket at Akira awhile back and it came in white as well. I didn’t get the white and instantly regreted it. I’ve gone back a few times but haven’t found it. It went on sale and never came back….boo. But I found some cute options at Forever 21 that are reasonably priced. White blazers are tricky because you don’t want to look like a doctor. Something a little more structured or with a fun pattern (this one below is quilted) leads you away from that doctor-y look.


00056695-02 (1)


Button down shirts. Ohhh man. I avoid these like the plague. But really I should have at least a white one. I avoid them for a few reasons: Sleeves are always too short and its always too tight across my chest but too baggy around my waist. I like something a little slimmer fitting when it comes to button downs, I’m not super crazy about baggy unless its a silk type material. #tallgirlproblems

I actually scoured the internet and couldn’t find much that I found appealing in the way of button down shirts. Those that claimed to be for “talls” showed their model with sleeves that were too short! Old Navy had a few cute options that I may buy and see how they fit, I’m sure I’ll end up returning though. Of course the ONLY one I really like is sold out…go figure.



Going forward I’m going to really buckle down. Stick to what I need only. And really stop spending as much as I have been. I’m also going to try (when possible) to try on in store and order online so I can utilize Ebates and extra sale prices. Try to get a little bit of my money back on my purchases.

I don’t need anything for my apartment…except a damn lamp. And most of my shopping money is going to go towards jewelry making supplies and paying my sister for her re-designing the blog! Which will hopefully be revealed by mid January!

What things do you have on your winter wish list?


2 thoughts on “Winter Shopping List- The Budget Version

  1. I’ve been wanting a pair of Pixie pants, but they sell out pretty quick in my size whenever there’s a sale. I’m short so I always need petite sizing. Sole Society – great for the price! I have two pairs of flats from them and they aren’t too bad! J Crew blazer – I have it in navy and the quality is worth the price IMO! And cheaper blazer option here: It doesn’t come in camel, but I really like the striped one!

    Sorry for the uber long comment, but I love shopping too!

    • Yeah! they go on sale alot! I wish they had all the colors in talls…I want to buy them but I’m also worried they’ll stretch and fade quickly! I may have to just get those black wedges! I love that striped one! Way more casual!

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