January BirchBox Review! #LetsDoThis

I am not going to lie to you. My photos reeeeaaaalllly suck. I took them last night at around 8pm, just as I was going to bed. I didn’t do my usual set up with my photo “studio”. Just overall I had a really shitty week. Without delving too deep into it, I’m no longer going to England next fall and am trying to figure out what and where I want to be. Its been a weird, sad week, but what can you do.

When I opened the Birchbox last week I didn’t really think much about this month’s theme. But when I opened it to take pictures last night. It connected with me. #LetsDoThis. No matter what I decide to do, I’ve got to just do it, get through it and go forward and up. I also need to figure out how to let go. Its not always easy, but its possible. I’m working on it.

Enough with the sad news! Birchbox! Woo!

I didn’t really try much of the stuff from this month’s Birchbox. But the few things I have tried, I like!

January Birch Box

Lets Do This Birchbox

Birchbox Products January

Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover ($12 full size)

So this is one I haven’t tried. I very rarely wear nail polish. Although I have like 20 bottles in my medicine cabinet. I usually end up picking it away, or I’m too much of a busy body to let it dry completely. So I end up with smudges, chips and texture allll over my nails. Not a nail polish, but a remover, with no acetone. This sample was pretty interesting to get. However, I kinda like the smell of good ole traditional nail polish remover…this one smells awful. Like medicine. yuck. I’ll probably use it just to get it out of my stash and also because I’m almost out of nail polish remover….

Whish Three Whishes Body Butter ($24 full size) 

Now I like this one, its a light scent, a really sheer moisturizer. Which has me wondering…is it really a body butter? When I think of body butter I think of a thick, creamy, almost paste of a moisturizer. This was definitely not that. Its not greasy which is awesome, because I hate that, its the reason I dont use lotion. Its more of a satin-y finish.  I probably wouldn’t spend $24 on a bottle of lotion, unless it like was a miracle cream or something…

Manna Kadar Lip Locked ($24 full size) 

I shoulda taken a photo of this on…but taking pictures of myself is not exactly on my mind lately. But I really loved this! I of course didn’t bring it with me to work so I don’t know what color I got, but really pretty peachy neutral.  I’m not really sure I get the whole Lip Primer/gloss thing…since to me a primer goes on first…but its got a great lipstick-y coverage mixed with a gloss.  I suppose if the color wasn’t so pigmented and went on so thick you could use as a primer… After the gloss wore off however, the color still remained! Even after a couple hours.  This is definitely a product I would consider purchasing, if I didn’t have like 100 lipsticks/glosses already.

Curly  Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Gel (17.50 full size)

I love Curly Hair Solutions. I got a sample of another product in my first Birchbox and immediately ordered it. I haven’t used some of the curly haired products I’ve gotten recently because my hair is growing and getting longer…its in that in-between phase where its not short enough to keep the normal bounce of my curls and its not long enough to lay straight. So its kind of this long frizzy waves with no definition. And even with products my hair ends up with really heavy flat curls. I haven’t devoted the time to figuring out which products work well with this new length yet. I have two in my roster to try out and see how they go! This is one of them! But I love that CHS is pretty reasonably priced and the product goes a long way.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster ($35 Full Price)

My skin is getting weirder as I get older. I’ve overall had really great skin. Whether it be, me starting to age or if its my heightened anxiety as of late or maybe a combo of both. I’ve noticed that my skin has a ton of redness, and is oddly super dry and oily at the same time (specifically my forehead).  Usually if I use lotion it just doesn’t cut through the dryness and I’m hesitant to use an oil because of the potential for super-oily skin. This was kind of nice though. It gave my regular moisturizer a little boost without being too oily. Its definitely something I’m going to keep trying to see how I like it and if it makes a difference in my skin. A little goes a long way here too. Just a drop or two of oil into your daily moisturizer is all you need.


As usual, I’m always looking forward to what I’ll get next month! Maybe some more mascara…I’m almost out of the last few samples I got….




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