Turquoise Sofa Love

I currently live in a small studio apartment, while I can fit a regular sized sofa comfortably it is definitely not the sofa I want. With two dogs there is definitely not enough room for all three of us…although I think with a sectional they would still lay on my legs if they could. But I absolutely love how sofa’s have evolved as of late and the sectional isn’t this big ugly honking thing. They’re sleek, attractive and have actual style. I love to browse the Home decor section on Pinterest, and one of my favorite home decor styles is a lot of white, bright walls, furniture with dramatic pops of color, from pastels to vibrant jewel tones. I’m a HUGE fan of the turquoise sofa. I think they are just so gorgeous, the make a distinct style statement and are just shade dark enough to hide stains (pesky dogs!)  These are a few of my picks…hopefully when I relocate I’ll be able to find one on sale somewhere! I particularly love the one from Macy’s! It’s only $699! Turquoise Sofa Love

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