February Goals!


I decided to get my goals for the month out on the 1st of every month.  Since I started posting my goals and budget recaps, its made a big difference in how I get through my month and lets me measure my success which is awesome! Holds me accountable and keeps me on track.  Its like a fresh start at the beginning of every month!

February is going to be busy busy busy for me…and pricy. I have tons of things I need to pay for (vet visit, city stickers, flight to Austin, pay my sister for her work on the blog, and get my taxes done) Not to mention get balances down on my credit cards, my laptop and build up my savings.

What’s been happening…

I’m sure you could probably already tell, but my boyfriend and I broke up. So that means no more England for me. It was super unexpected and I’m shocked at how well I’m handling it. I’m not crying in a corner or crying myself to sleep. I’ve just picked myself up, am re-grouping and trying to really figure out what I want, where I want to be and what I want to do. First things first…I do not want to stay in Chicago. As much as its been my home for the last 12 years, I think its time for a major change. This whole situation has really made me realize that. I’m tired of the weather, tired of how expensive it is (I can’t afford to move into a bigger apartment unless I go waaaaay north and I dont want to do that) and am tired of meeting the same type of guys in Chicago. So I decided that I’m going to get my booty outta here and head south for some fun, sunshine and some nice ass weather.

So Step One is get out of Chicago. But finding a job while you’re currently in another state is proving to be the challenging part. Luckily I’m able to be fairly flexible with everything and I’m not in a rush to find just anything. I want the right job, with the right pay and the right opportunities. I’ve created a plan of action, so if I’m not able to find a job say in the next 4 months, I’ll stay in Chicago over the summer so I’m close by for my Maid of Honor duties in my Sister’s wedding and then head out shortly after, job or no job.

Step two is to make sure I have enough cash to relocate! Luckily I was on a pretty good trajectory to save money and while I wont be selling my car now (as I’ll need it) I should still be able to get enough cash to move, and survive at least a month or two. If I can’t find a job I’m crafty so I’m not worried about finding even a temporary job to bring in some income.

But Back to the Present…

With a plan in action and me working my way towards a Southern goal…I’ve gotta keep myself on point in the now. I want to continue to keep decreasing my budget so I’m not spending so much. So here are my Feb Goals:

1. Shrink my budget even more! I should be able to keeep my shopping budget and my going out to lunch budget low, but I want to get my grocery budget down to $200 and I need to be sure to eliminate the excess spending on the blog/jewelry. I plan on buying some ads, but I do not need to spend $150 a month on it… I would be so thrilled to get my budget down from $800 to $400. Its already dropped from spending over $1300 a month to where I am now, giving myself $800 of freedom. It still varies from month to month, but hopefully I’ll finally be able to get it on track and consistent.

2. Find a way to bring in some extra income. To offset all the spending this month, I really want to figure out some ways to bring in some extra income. I’m not generating any from the blog yet and I can’t count on that as income as my traffic is so low. If I can even bring in an extra $300 for February that will cover my trip to Austin!

3. Get a better social media schedule for the blog. Since I’ve cut back on posting to three times a week it has definitely freed up a lot of my time, but it doesn’t mean I should be cutting back on my social media. I need to get into a good routine with this and really start working out how to build traffic.

4. I really need to start stretching or doing yoga. Not once but twice in January I wrenched my back and was in pain for days. I need to start stretching, doing yoga or figuring out a way to avoid throwing my back again. One solution would be to get a new bed…but I will be holding off on that till I get out of Chicago.

5. Move forward after my breakup. Getting broken up with, with no inclination that it was about to happen and over text is a super hard thing to swallow. Even though I’m for the most part ok, it still really makes me question a lot of things and my already pretty bad trust issues are now full blown. Getting cheated on by two previous boyfriends, and finding out that the last one “just couldn’t handle work and a girlfriend (or whatever his reasons were, he didn’t even really explain…he just vanished)” doesn’t make it very easy to trust anyone…But I’ve gotta find peace with it and move forward. So that is my main goal for February. To work my way through it.

6. Do another big Purge. I have a ton of extra crap in my apartment that just sits in boxes and doesn’t get used. While I go through things pretty often, I really just need to toss a lot of this stuff. When I do move, I want to fill up just my car and thats it. Simplify life as much as possible it makes things so much easier. It is also a great way to relive some heavy emotions that have been hanging around.


So what big plans do you have for February!?

2 thoughts on “February Goals!

  1. Sounds like a busy February!!! But so many exciting goals! And definitely keep working on that last one – I purged sooo much before I make my first huge more (from NC to Boston) and only recently have I finally gotten the last of my boxes from my parents’ home. Going through them, I couldn’t help but laugh at how much I still saved after all the purging. :p

    • I can’t wait to actually just super purge when I move! I’ve already managed to get a lot of stuff eliminated it’ll end up being kitchen stuff and clothes in the end that will need to get the boot!

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