Me, Myself and a bottle of Handsome Devil, The Single Lady V-day!

I was not going to do a valentine’s day post. In fact even thinking about being all romantic and gooey right now is absolutely irritating. Especially when you’ve just experienced heart break. But while everyone is out with their dates I will be stayin in with my three very special dates! Myself, and my two pups (and also maybe this Handsome Devil Malbec!)! I love a good soak in the tub, I only wish I had this tub below because maybe then I would fit in it. Not possible so I make due with the tiny tub I have feet sticking out over the edge and all. I usually move my laptop into the bathroom, throw on my favorite show, grab a glass of wine (and a bottle of water) and get my relaxin on! I’ve been itching to try some Bath Bombs and Bubble Bombs from Lush so this just may be the perfect time to give them a whirl!
Got any big plans for Valentines day? Stayin in ? or Headin out?
Single Ladies Valentines Day Date!

Turquoise Sofa Love

I currently live in a small studio apartment, while I can fit a regular sized sofa comfortably it is definitely not the sofa I want. With two dogs there is definitely not enough room for all three of us…although I think with a sectional they would still lay on my legs if they could. But I absolutely love how sofa’s have evolved as of late and the sectional isn’t this big ugly honking thing. They’re sleek, attractive and have actual style. I love to browse the Home decor section on Pinterest, and one of my favorite home decor styles is a lot of white, bright walls, furniture with dramatic pops of color, from pastels to vibrant jewel tones. I’m a HUGE fan of the turquoise sofa. I think they are just so gorgeous, the make a distinct style statement and are just shade dark enough to hide stains (pesky dogs!)  These are a few of my picks…hopefully when I relocate I’ll be able to find one on sale somewhere! I particularly love the one from Macy’s! It’s only $699! Turquoise Sofa Love

Changes are a brewing….

You may be seeing some changes over here at The O Guide.  I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and I love what I blog about. I think Sexual health is important, fun and interesting to talk about. And I know that if I help even one person in their relationship, I’m making a difference. But as much as I love talking about sexual health its difficult for me sometimes. Maybe I have writers block, maybe I’m distracted or who knows. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I love so much more than talking about sex. And I can make so much more of a difference in peoples life if I don’t limit myself to just one thing.

I have had to vary my interests as of late because I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and thinking of ways to distract myself. I’ve been super into decorating and doing an overhaul on my health. And most recently I’ve decided that its really time for me to put my big girl panties on and get back to taking care of my appearance (I do the very very bare minimum now adays…but I was a makeup artist for some years…and I completely fell out of it personally and professionally).  I’ve spent so much time over the last few years re-developing who I was as a person. I finally got out of my funk recently, got back to myself as a person and now I get to focus on the things (and people!) that I love. I have great friends, an amazing partner and motivation and inspiration. Not to mention a pretty good job which allows me to fuel my new hobbies.

So how are all these new discoveries going to change The O Guide? Well I want to share with people more than just sexual health. Share with you health, wellness, creativity and inspiration to not only be a beautiful person on the inside but on the outside too. The world is filled with beautiful things, from relationships, to sex, to places, to people, to things and to food.  And why deprive people of so many beautiful things!? So in the coming weeks/months, you’ll see a gradual change as I add more content from different areas. I’ll also be having some help! So you’ll not only get my perspective but you’ll get someone else’s as well. So bear with me as I grow, evolve and create through The O Guide. I want to share my passions with you, and not just the passions between the sheets! (although there will be a healthy dose of that!)