Me, Myself and a bottle of Handsome Devil, The Single Lady V-day!

I was not going to do a valentine’s day post. In fact even thinking about being all romantic and gooey right now is absolutely irritating. Especially when you’ve just experienced heart break. But while everyone is out with their dates I will be stayin in with my three very special dates! Myself, and my two pups (and also maybe this Handsome Devil Malbec!)! I love a good soak in the tub, I only wish I had this tub below because maybe then I would fit in it. Not possible so I make due with the tiny tub I have feet sticking out over the edge and all. I usually move my laptop into the bathroom, throw on my favorite show, grab a glass of wine (and a bottle of water) and get my relaxin on! I’ve been itching to try some Bath Bombs and Bubble Bombs from Lush so this just may be the perfect time to give them a whirl!
Got any big plans for Valentines day? Stayin in ? or Headin out?
Single Ladies Valentines Day Date!

Turquoise Sofa Love

I currently live in a small studio apartment, while I can fit a regular sized sofa comfortably it is definitely not the sofa I want. With two dogs there is definitely not enough room for all three of us…although I think with a sectional they would still lay on my legs if they could. But I absolutely love how sofa’s have evolved as of late and the sectional isn’t this big ugly honking thing. They’re sleek, attractive and have actual style. I love to browse the Home decor section on Pinterest, and one of my favorite home decor styles is a lot of white, bright walls, furniture with dramatic pops of color, from pastels to vibrant jewel tones. I’m a HUGE fan of the turquoise sofa. I think they are just so gorgeous, the make a distinct style statement and are just shade dark enough to hide stains (pesky dogs!)  These are a few of my picks…hopefully when I relocate I’ll be able to find one on sale somewhere! I particularly love the one from Macy’s! It’s only $699! Turquoise Sofa Love

Decorating for 1…plus two dogs…

Since I’m patiently waiting to find out where I’ll be in the next year and spending a lot of time with myself and my two pups. I’ve become quite the little homemaker. Ok…don’t laugh. I’m so not a homemaker. But I’ve been big into interior decorating and making my place feel more like a home than ever before (even though I know, in a year I could be who knows where…and have to sell all that I own) so I’ve been working hard, piece by piece throughout my apartment.

So as I’m making my way through my decor, I’ll post some pics! And share how I’ve learned what to do…and what not to. Note to self, painting is NOT a skill of mine.

I have a pretty large closet. Like the dreamiest closet you can get for a studio apartment. Lots of big shelves, lots of walking space (seriously, I can fit a twin bed in that sucker!) and lots of hanging space. But what I had in spades in storage for hanging items and folding items, I lacked in space for things like socks and undies. So after a long and strenuous (ok not strenuous, considering I did most of my searching while I was at work…) search for the perfect dresser for in my closet, I couldn’t find a damn thing that wasn’t like $200+, which I was totally against spending considering I’m not sure if I’ll be staying in the States within the next year. So I decided to go to the trusty Pinterest and figure out some DIY versions! I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton, I knew I wanted something bright and colorful (to match my sparkling personality of course!) and I knew I needed something with at least 6 drawers or two really big ones and two little ones. And I also knew I wanted to be lazy, and not have to sand shit.

So searching high and low… I found the perfect plan, at Ikea, for $34.99.

The Rast Dresser!


Little did my mom know she was going to be recruited over the 4th of July holiday to help me paint. Because painting in a small studio…not so easy. And having two sets of hands, plus my mom who is pretty talented when it comes to all things crafty, was a pretty good option for finishing the project in a weekend.

So I purchased two of these little guys, which turned out to be just enough space. I spread those suckers out all over my parent’s driveway. We used some weird drop cloth/plastic…it sucked, it tore and blew all over the place. Next time I do a project like this I’m going to invest in a canvas drop cloth. (which come to find out half way through, my mom had one in the basement)  We made sure to keep each dresser separate so as not to get confused at the end…




I decided to go with a hot coral color. Which is absolutely perfect and I love it and I don’t care what anyone says. I forget the name, I’ll look it up if anyone wants to know the name, I have touch up paint at home. Since the RAST is raw wood, with no coatings or nothing, it didn’t really neeeeed a primer, so we opted not to. Because of it, we ended up doing three coats, just because there were knots in the wood and they popped through. So really we could have done a primer.


I easily could have put them together myself, but lucky me, Dad was around to help! But before we assembled we tried out some poly in a spray can. Ok, so in Chicago you can’t buy spray paint, not in the city at least. I think if I could have found the color I would have totally spray painted it…because I am now obsessed with spray painting shit…we bought like 7 cans of spray paint.  To fuel my new found obsession it was a the spray Poly that won out.

Two coats later and over night drying we were ready to assemble,



Now I didn’t want these to sit on the ground, I wanted them to have legs. Thank goodness for dad, he attached some two by fours to the base which allowed for us to attach some legs. I found the legs at Home Depot for like $3 a piece! Score! And spray painted those babies gold!



I HATE(D) the handles for the Rast dresser…they’re ugly and generic. I could not find exactly what  I wanted to replace them (found them in every color but gold) And I could have just bought silver and spray painted them gold, but we just needed to put some kinda handle on there… I still haven’t decided if I’m going to switch them out or not, but perhaps. So far the handles are working out well and dont look too terrible!


Ta Da! With the legs…If you can see there’s a little chip on one drawer front…because my dad got a little heavy handed with the drill…nothing a little construction adhesive couldn’t fix.


Finished Product! I’ve debated puting gold leaf along the edges but decided that for now, they don’t get much attention since they’re in my closet. And they look pretty sweet!

rast9 rast8

Now I have lots of room for my underwear! And if need be I can store things underneath!