Foreplay Fridays!

Because Foreplay is SOOO important I decided that each week I’ll feature a fun new way to incorporate some foreplay into your sack sessions!


This is one of my favorite foreplay games to suggest to my clients! It adds a little mystery for your partner and who’s going to complain about some all over kisses and lovin?!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Flavored body powder (I prefer this one: Dust Me Pink it tastes like Sweettarts!) Try to find one that doesn’t have glitter or shimmer, that would make this game end much faster and we definitely don’t want that!

Apply your powder in a few different spots on your body. Places that you know when you get a kiss or a lick you go into overdrive! Don’t let your partner see where you applied your tasty little treat and tell them that they have to lick to find them! While you’re partner is hunting around with their tounge you’ll be enjoying all those sensations and you’ll be well on your way!


Want to make it even more exciting incorporate a blindfold! Whether it be you or your partner, wearing a blindfold enhances all your other senses! It will certainly make things much more exciting!!! You can also incorporate handcuffs or restraints as well. Eliminating your ability to move (be sure to have restraints that are easy to get out of and that you’re comfortable with using them) also enhances your senses, especially your sense of touch!


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