Taboo Tuesdays!

So we’ve talked about threesomes before and how you really need to be secure and trusting in your relationship to have one. And you should never feel forced. The same goes for group sex. Orgies, Swingers, Group Sex aren’t necessarily the same thing as a threesome. Group sex is considered sex with at least three but typically more than three people. Swinging is its own lifestyle. According to Dr. Sari Locker, Swinging is considered sex with a person or people other than your partner that takes place with the consent and usually the participation of your partner.

The same rules apply to group sex and swinging as it does for threesomes. You should never feel forced, you should feel secure and comfortable with the suggestion and there needs to be a lot of trust. And you should want to do it. If you don’t then just don’t do it.


If you’re interested in swinging or need more information you can check out and there’s tons of other resources online as well!

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